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I booked an HH appointment. I was nervous thinking a cop would come out and arrest me. She smiled and took my hand to the couch. We had some spritzers then she got on her knees and devoured my whole penis. It was getting hot in the room so I took my dress shirt off. 
I came all over her nice big tits She grabbed a hot washcloth and wiped me down. Then she said, "Are you ready for round two?"
I reminded her that I only paid HH. It was 28 minutes that flew on by. So I asked her if she could change my appointment to an Hour. I didn't have enough cash on me so I transferred her the remaining. I went off to the bed she was on all fours I started rubbing her nice ass. Then she put her head over the bed and said let me suck it some more. So very hot I was hard as a rod!I then wanted her to go on top so I could view those nice tits. i was sucking her tits as she rode me.; Then we did doggy style staring at her ass I wanted to blow. So I pulled out and started licking her pussy. Then we were in 69 position I couldn't hold back anymore so I came down her throat. We were 10 minutes over the hour and she offered a shower but I bolted I was late for the wifey. All in all, it was an excellent experience rating 245 money well spent. When I got home I transferred her another 40 for making me feel young again and taking extra time. She's a gem boys treat her well.
unknown name from Alliston
If you want to Experience a special session with her book the 2-hour tantric and massage sex She makes me feel like my orgasm is shooting to Pluto. She is a godess and she knows how to relax the body and the mind. Nothing but warm vibes from start to finish She is a GEM who has very creative techniques. her edging techniques are by far my favourite the build-up heightens every time she doesn't let me release my last tantric session gave me an out-of-body experience 
I can still remember the first time I met Luna I thought this strong-minded domme would have her way with me. whether I liked it or not chuckles. I saw in front of me a curvy-bodied woman with piercing green eyes as she was batting her eyelashes she had my attention very gentle and sensual she calmed down my nervousness quicker than I expected. Luna is full of life and charismai could get over how polite and well-mannered she was Admittingly I was not expecting Miracles. I have erectile dysfunction and I haven't had an orgasm in over 4 years. Luna was the first companion to make that happen for me. So now I see her once a week for a 2-hour tantric massage and sex session. She changed my life. Luna suggests I try and see if I can orgasm with my wife again. So it's giving me hope to have a sex life back again. I cried after that orgasm of tears of joy 4 years is a long time that's why Lunsas is so special to me.
price 500 2 hours raye it 10+
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Luna is a determined escort that makes you her priority to make you feel at ease and pleasure
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